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Google X – Tidal

Today, the Tidal system is able to continuously monitor fish underwater while surviving the rough oceanic conditions like frigid temperatures, salt water (which causes corrosion), and strong currents. The system can detect and interpret fish behaviors (such as feeding) and model fish behaviors over time—all of which can help fish farmers make better, more environmentally-friendly decisions about fish feeding, welfare, and health. Camera and Computer Vision
Continuously collecting and interpreting images of fish helps farmers understand how the fish are growing, identify disease, and monitor behaviors like feeding. 2 – Environmental Sensors
Collecting a mix of environmental data like temperature and salinity helps identify patterns between fish health and the environment. The insights from Tidal’s system help with day-to-day decision making on the fish farm, like determining how much feed is needed to keep the fish healthy while reducing waste. Much of the information the Tidal system gathers is not detectable to our human senses and happens in milliseconds.

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Google X – Tidal
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