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Global Traceability Solutions

Global Traceability provide businesses with the technology to know and manage their supply chains.

With an expert team of traceability professionals, Global Traceability can implement and customise traceability systems so that any business can trace where their products come from.

RADIX Tree is our global cloud platform. Use RADIX Tree to connect with your entire supply chain, helping you to meet regulatory and sustainability requirements.

10,000’s of businesses are now using RADIX Tree to connect and share vital sustainability data about their products.

With RADIX Tree you can:
● Remove the data blind spots in your supply chain to ensure greater transparency

● Maintain secure and accessible records of that data all in one place

● Implement due diligence and sustainability compliance – reducing the risk of failing to meet regulatory requirements

● Enable effective communication between your suppliers and clients, adding to the credibility and value of your products

Find out more about RADIX Tree’s features on global-traceability.com

Global Traceability services:

– Professional consulting services
– Innovative software applications
– Product identification tools
– Data capturing technologies

Contact us at info@global-traceability.com for more information.

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Global Traceability Solutions
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