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Fulcrum Maritime

Vessel Tracking System (VTS) and Fleet Monitoring Tool A secure web based application that you can view anytime, anywhere Information on local weather conditions at the location of the vessel Distance to nearest port Historical record of voyages View real time positions on a map Friendly, helpful customer information & support service An easy and modulable web-based platform, THEMIS Supporting safety and security missions for Maritime Domain Awareness. Supporting day-to-day fleet management towards costs optimization, risks management and compliance. Themis is a unique software suite to fuse and correlate: Ship centric data (location, sensors, AIS…) Satellite Imagery Marine data (Wind, Currents, weather, salinity, pressure….) Fulcrum Maritime Systems Ltd was established by former Director Paul Devlin and Director Tracy Nichols in 1997. Since then Fulcrum has been providing high quality systems and support to companies around the world.

Since 2008 Fulcrum Maritime Systems Ltd has gained approval as an LRIT Testing ASP provider for over 65 flag states. Additionally Fulcrum is the Data Centre Operator for 12 Flag States worldwide, to whom we provide a range of services related to LRIT.

In 2017 Fulcrum joined forces with CLS to create a specialised LRIT unit which combines expertise and products and services available to our clients.

Our objective is to provide high quality systems to Ship Registries and Ship Owners to assist with Vessel Tracking and Vessel Management in order to adhere to IMO Regulatory requirements. Since 2010 we have been ISO 9001:2015 Certified, which has provided us with a strong foundation to fulfil our objective of continually providing high quality systems. Please take a look at our Quality Management Policy for further information.

In April 2018, sadly Paul Devlin, co founder of Fulcrum, passed away. The team have continued their hard work and dedication to Fulcrum in his honour.

Fulcrum Maritime Systems tracks over 5,000 vessels around the world. We work closely with Maritime Administrations, Security Forces and the IMO to ensure that our systems meet the requirements of today’s ship owners and mariners.

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Fulcrum Maritime
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