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fTRACE improves efficiency and trust of the entire supply chain by standardizing industries and enabling companies to share transparency information on batch level: A cross-sector traceability solution fully based on GS1 standards.

fTRACE is an end-to-end traceability community solution provided by the fTRACE GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of GS1 Germany. The core of the fTRACE approach is to capture and share event based traceability data.

Based on this, a variety of value adding applications & services such as supply chain visualization, end consumer information, business analytics and fresh counter traceability are provided for retailers, brand owners and manufacturers.

We Trace from Fish to Dish

The transparency and traceability of seafood: ftrace provides clarity

Fresh fish and seafood enjoys strong consumer demand. However, the overfishing of our oceans, product counterfeiting and the use of feed and drugs in the aquaculture industry are all topics of hot debate. Consumers and legislators demand that product labels reflect the truth and that the supply chain is seamlessly traceable for greater transparency.

Thousands of supply chains. One language for supply chain transparency

Seafood supply chains are global and include fishermen, ports, auction platforms, manufacturers and processing plants based in many different countries and even continents. To ensure the transparency and traceability of the products, a wide range of different IT systems must be synchronised with one another. Thanks to integrative standards, ftrace guarantees a high degree of interoperability along your supply chain – regardless of whether the companies concerned use paper-based or proprietary automated systems for transmitting information. Standards optimise the control of process while simultaneously helping to save costs so that you become more successful and sustainable in the long term.

Seafood products: verifiably sustainable supply chains

Particularly in the case of seafood products, customer confidence is one of the critical factors for ensuring a competitive edge. Quality-driven consumers expect transparency in terms of manufacturing and processing data, as well as information about valid certificates. Today, transparency plays a key role in pricing. ftrace provides a solution for communicating supply chain information and underscoring the added value of your products.

Seafood traceability – fit for compliance

Complying with all statutory requirements is a complex challenge for members of the seafood supply chain. ftrace provides the perfect management tool to ensure that your company is fit for the future. Seamless traceability reduces the risk of unintentional violations of the law – a true benefit in light of increasingly strict regulations.

fTRACE Transparency

Solution for supply chain transparency

Achieve supply chain transparency in four phases: The steps Mapping, Screening, Analysis and Communication provide you with thorough transparency about your supply network with regard to sustainability and quality.

fTRACE traceability

Solution for traceability

Find out who in the supply chain did what, where, when and for what purpose. Designed on the basis of global standards and industry solution, you get legal certainty and maximum efficiency while building trust.

fTRACE Story

Solution for consumer communication

Score points with the consumer: Use the newly gained transparency for your marketing and tell the story of your products – trustworthily and credibly – on the basis of valid data.

fTRACE Market

Solution for fresh food counters

Create efficiency and build trust in the fresh food counter: You reduce the costs of documenting traceability and gain legal certainty in food inspections.

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