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Fsh Local NZ / eCatch NZ

ish Local has been created by eCatch New Zealand Limited. eCatch is a small, South Island based company which focuses on recording commercial fishing effort and connecting local fishers with customers. Our philosophy is to provide and support systems that encourage increasingly sustainable fishing practices in New Zealand.

One way to do that is by enabling sales direct from local fishers to local customers. Same day ‘boat to plate’ sales enhance both the fisher’s ability to fish profitably and more sustainably as well as provide the freshest fish possible to local consumers.

Generally, our fishers process their catch on the boat and sell directly to consumers rather than through a third party. This means more of your dollar is going straight to them, so you’re helping keep a small, local business going as well as encouraging more sustainable practices in the fishing industry.

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Fsh Local NZ / eCatch NZ
New Zealand
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Marketplace / E-commerce
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