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FlyWire Cameras

The Business of Fishing is Hard. FlyWire is here to help.

Transparency is the future of seafood. But today it costs too much to verify too little. Keep your compliance costs in check and take more control over the future of your business.

Delivering results for fishermen who want to succeed.

FlyWire’s turn-key precision fishing platform combines patented technology and deep lean manufacturing expertise to increase efficiency and drive down at-sea monitoring costs.

The fishermen we work with don’t just maintain the status quo, they’re realizing actual benefit.

New Customers

Forget what you’ve heard, not all Electronic Monitoring is created equal. The FlyWire EMS helps you make more money on the catch you already land.


Fishermen work hard, and FlyWire works hard for you. As your private, 3rd party provider, your success is our success.


Maximize dock prices, reduce costs, boost profits. FlyWire’s unrivaled lean manufacturing expertise puts you back in control of product quality, fuel use, and labor costs.


Fishing has gotten complicated. Cut through red tape with the most efficient and transparent reporting technology on the market.

Values Matter.

Non-industry stakeholders profit from the inherent value of data you pay to collect, but cannot use. We believe fishermen have the right to own their data, and participate in the future of their fishery.

Start to Finish

FlyWire is the only partner you need to navigate the complex demands of digital monitoring in today’s fisheries. We anticipate and execute on every detail – from our first handshake to the satisfactory renewal of your annual contract – and every fish in between.

100% Control

As your private, 3rd party provider – FlyWire ensures data confidentiality and efficient workflows at every step from fish to report. Installation, operation, and efficient catch handling are all designed to meet the needs of your business. It’s your business. Your information. Your data. Period.

Fast Launch

FlyWire’s capabilities and expertise allow fishermen to get ahead of increasingly complex monitoring demands – in as little as 60 days. That’s less time than it takes to scope and hire the right consultant.

We handle the hard part.

Traditional fishing is finding fish, catching fish, selling fish. Modern fishing is doing all of that – while being monitored each step of the way. It’s a costly, time intensive operation – that we continue to invest in, optimize, and prove in fisheries around the world.

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FlyWire Cameras
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