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FisherMobile (NSW PMI)

About FishOnline – FisherMobile
FisherMobile is a secure mobile App that has been developed to enable the reporting of commercial fishing activity information by authorised fishers using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets/iPads.

FisherMobile currently allows authorised fishers to:

submit and manage real time fishing activity reports such as pre-fish, pre-land and/or post-land reports
access quota balance information (consumable and non-consumable)
view your registered ocean prawn trawl (OPT) boat
view digital authority information for commercial fishing licences and fishing business endorsements
submit catch and effort reports for non-quota and quota based fishing activities (with the exception of lobster)
view your FisherMobile activity log
submit threatened and protected species reports
report lost and found gear reports
submit nil returns
manage your PIN
change current user
A feature of the FisherMobile App is that it has been personalised to retrieve and display information that is relevant to the logged in user. For example, catch and effort reports will only show that individual’s relevant fishing businesses and respective endorsements for the selected fishing date, making it user friendly and easy to use. Refer to the user guides and demonstrations to learn more about how FisherMobile works.

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FisherMobile (NSW PMI)
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