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FishChoice creates online tools that power progress on sustainable seafood.

In 2008, FishChoice launched with an idea for a website to help companies find sustainable seafood. Since then, we have grown into a technology-first organization that believes online platforms can transform the seafood industry by giving thousands of businesses the information they need to take action on sustainability.


Without the right information, companies cannot take the right actions

The seafood industry has an enormous impact on ocean health, but companies can’t take action without information that is accessible, comprehensible, and trustworthy. Understanding the sustainability status of their sources, where to buy seafood that meets their sustainable seafood commitment, and whether fishery improvement projects (FIPs) are making progress is essential for sustainability commitments to lead to impact. And as seafood businesses are being asked to expand their sustainability efforts to include legality, traceability, and social responsibility, their need for useful, credible information is only increasing.


Online tools give thousands of seafood businesses the actionable information they need to move ahead on sustainability

FishChoice finds new ways to solve persistent information challenges in the sustainable seafood movement. By speaking the languages of business and conservation, we turn information into action by making it clear and easy to access online. And we deliver information that can be trusted so that businesses and NGOs can make decisions based on credible data.


FishChoice is a founding member of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions. The Alliance was formed in 2008 to build communication and coordination among conservation organizations working to promote sustainable seafood. Together, the Alliance created the Common Vision for Sustainable Seafood that serves as a roadmap to help seafood businesses develop and implement practices that support environmentally sustainable fishing and aquaculture production.

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