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Faria Beede

Faria Beede′s ETERM-C™ is type certified by NOAA for all recreational for-hire-vessel operating in the Gulf of Mexico requiring VMS. Contact your electronics dealer for information, this system will be fully reimbursed by NOAA and Faria Beede is providing the first year of airtime at no cost – a $250.00 savings. User Friendly Electronic Logbook: A 7″ touchscreen provides access to electronic-logbook, electronic forms and two-way email functions. Learn More Stay Connected: Using the 7″ touchscreen allows crews to stay in touch through e-mail and the web. Connected through the Iridium® satellite network there is no where you can not be reached.* Owner Website Logon: Monitor your own vessel free-of-charge. All you require is an internet connection and computer or tablet. Faria Beede Instruments, Inc. has been manufacturing “World Class” Instrumentation in Uncasville, CT for more than 60 years (Established in 1956 as the Thomas G. Faria Corporation) and has grown from a company that primarily produced tachometers for the marine and auto industries into a company that today offers a multitude of analog and digital engine monitoring instrumentation to a wide range of global markets.

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Faria Beede
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