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Fair Agora / Verifik8

Verifik8 is a new compliance service which monitors and verifies environmental and social performance of smallholder farmers and aquaculture operators in Southeast Asia. It aims to engage stakeholders in agriculture and seafood supply chain to increase transparency and accountability.

Verifik8 seeks partners who share the common vision and commitment to make compliance affordable and sustainability reachable for all. If we stand together, we can make a radical change and improve sustainable fishing and farming practices.

With our Verifik8 tool, farmers can collect data about the production and social and environmental indicators on their farm, and share them with farm workers and mills.

Verifik8 is a technology and market-driven solution to monitor and verify social and environmental performances in the agribusiness supply chain.

An integrated data analytics platform

Connecting the dots in the supply chain in three simple steps


Designed as a user-friendly mobile and web application, Verifik8 enables real-time data collection from your farms, suppliers, and processors.

Using an extensive number of indicators, aligned with industry- and commodity-relevant standards and conventions, Verifik8 monitors the socio-environmental responsibility of your farms.


With multiple data streams from across the supply chain, Verifik8 crunches data using algorithms to assess and verify the socio-environmental performance of your farms. Verifik8 delivers real-time analytics and assessments of your supply chain visualised on the application dashboard.


Verifik8 produces quarterly reports on your farms’ socio-environmental performance. By providing insights on how to improve their environmental and social responsibility, Verifik8 facilitates your farms’ achievement of relevant sustainability certifications.

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Fair Agora / Verifik8
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