Established in 2004 & headquartered in Dublin Ireland, with branch offices in North America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Emydex Technology is a world-leading supplier of Factory Floor Software systems to Meat, Fish and Food Processing companies around the globe.
Today Emydex’s Traceability Reporting, Quality Control and Production Management Software is operating in over 150 food processing plants, located in 17 countries, spread across 5 continents.
Fish & Seafood Processing Software
Emydex Fish & Seafood Processing Software is currently operating in over 20 processing plants. Emydex is the market-leading supplier of Factory Floor software systems to Fish and Seafood Processors in Ireland and the UK. Our customers include 3 of the top 4 Landing Ports in Ireland including Castletownbere Fisherman’s Co-op (South), Clogherhead Fisherman’s Co-op (East) and Galway & Aran Co-op in the West of Ireland.
Our Fish & Seafood processing customers include some of the largest Value-added and Further Processing seafood plants in Ireland such as Rockabill, Ireland’s largest seafood exporter as well as Nolans (Smoked Salmon) located in Dublin, Ireland, Canadian fishing company who operate the largest fishing fleet in British Columbia. Meanwhile, Aquascot based in Inverness, Scotland are the dedicated supplier of Salmon and Sea-grown Trout to Waitrose in the UK.
The Emydex Fish & Seafood processing software system provides Traceability and Production reporting from factory door-to-door covering Landings, Production, Order Picking, Dispatch and Supplier Payments. Our Weigh-labelling Software system for Boats is running on Clogherhead’s fleet of twelve trawlers for both fresh prawns and ‘frozen at sea’
System Features
Boat Labelling & Payments
The Emydex boat labelling system allows the customers to install the software on fishing trawlers and capture haul details whilst offline. Operators can capture details such as tow numbers, GPS coordinates, fishing gear used against their catches and produce traceability labels. Hauls can be uploaded to the main Emydex database once the boats dock at the ports.
Customers can land product at the ports and transfer these to the factories. Emydex landing process can cater for landing based on suppliers, boats and farms with the ability to handle payments to each.
Emydex intake module caters for various intake processes which are seen within the fish & seafood industry including the intake of unexpected species, weighing with or without ice and can grade fish into different categories upon receiving.
Processing Jobs
Emydex system allows customers to manage and measure each specific process that they have and easily able to expand on these processes as their business grows. This allows customers to maintain traceability of the product throughout these processes. Emydex is also able to measure yields against individual employees to measure yield and efficiency.
Packing & Processing
The Emydex packing and processing module allows customers to manage all aspects of their packing process which includes the ability to execute pack/case/pallet labelling, pack to sales orders or direct to stock. Emydex is also able to integrate to Automatic weigh price labelling (WPL) machines to control master data, batch runs and machine statistics which allows for real-time reporting within the Emydex application.





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