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FINNZ are business systems experts, designing and developing practical IT Solutions for organisations involved in managing and protecting our natural resources and environment.

We help these organisations practically implement new initiatives in their business, from providing strategic advice at the beginning of the project through to building solutions, and delivering operational services. We make it real.

Key services we provide are:

Strategic Advice and Consultancy

  • Business Analysis and Process Modelling
  • Solution Design and Development
  • Operations and Support

Customers work with FINNZ because we have a unique ability to understand the real-world implications of challenging policy or legislative frameworks, particularly in the area of environment management.

FINNZ have the right mix of people, skills and experience to deliver tangible, cost-effective solutions. We make it real.
FINNZ. Making it real.

Experts in Fisheries Data Management

Collection, dissemination and assessment of data are critical in the sustainable management of fisheries. In many instances, a wide range of users rely on the same sets of fisheries data for different management purposes. As such, the data needs to be in a fit state for use by fisheries managers, scientists, compliance staff and fishers alike.

We can leverage our experience as fisheries data managers, to provide you with cost effective solutions to improve the efficiency of fisher dependent data collection, data quality and accessibility.

FINNZ are not a policy, science, or compliance based organisation, rather a dedicated IT and data service provider that employs customer services staff, business analysts and software developers to capture, manage and disseminate fisheries data.

We support fisheries managers through the provision the following products and services:

  • Consulting Services to assess the information governance, management and operational frameworks necessary to support effective fisheries management.
  • ELEMENTS for Fisheries – our web-based fisheries software platform tailored to manage fisher details, licensing, catch data along with catch share allocation, trading and catch accounting
  • FINNZ all-in-one Electronic Reporting & Global Positioning Solution
  • Cloud hosting and managed services


Deckhand: The Complete Digital Monitoring Solution for Commercial Fishers

Designed by fishermen, for fishermen. Deckhand is an electronic logbook that can submit your statutory catch and effort data automatically.

Deckhand is an iPad-based electronic logbook that can submit your statutory catch and effort data automatically.
No more paperwork, simply enter your catch as you go and once you’ve finished your fishing activities, hit submit and the chosen regulatory data is instantly sent through to the relevant agencies. Deckhand will take care of the rest.

Deckhand has been closely developed with the input of fishermen from a number of different sectors around Australia & New
Zealand. Most people are using the devices confidently in less than ten minutes. The intuitive nature of the user interface makes entering complex data lightning fast.

The ease of data entry makes it simple for the user to enter multiple variables in a fraction of the time it would take to record manually. Most fishermen find they can collect significantly more fine-scale data with far less effort than the paper-based systems they have had to use previously.

The Deckhand e-Logbooks come with waterproof and shockproof protective cases and an optional mounting system.
With custom add-ons, you can capture more information about your fishing trips for you to use to improve your business.





Bycatch Monitoring
Electronic Logbook
Electronic Reporting
Fleet Management


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