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eCatch – TNC / Farallon

For the development of eCatch Version 2.0, Farallon and TNC staff jointly defined the functional requirements of the new web-app, the specific technology components that would be used to build it, and the software environments that would be used to deploy it. To revitalize the web-app, Farallon designed and developed a new and more modern second-generation Apple iOS version of eCatch including upgrading the application and design from Apple iOS 6 to 7 and readily implement its features to ensure compatibility with iOS 7. Farallon developed eCatch V2.0 to create an optimum and robust graphical user interface (GUI) to make querying, visualizing, and reporting fisheries data easier for fishermen. The update process for Apple iOS 7 included a formerly restricted manual editing feature for latitude and longitude coordinates. Accordingly, to promote data security, Farallon programmed necessary user authentication parameters. In addition, Farallon verified the applicability of the Dual GPS integration system, a brand of external antenna hardware used by the web-app to strengthen GPS signal to help foster quality data collection. To ensure the application met TNC’s needs, Farallon used an iterative development approach to provide regular opportunities to review and comment on the functionality of the new user interface throughout the build effort.

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eCatch – TNC / Farallon
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