Giving at-home cooks access to the best ingredients that they can prepare with confidence. Specializing in incredibly fresh seafood shipped direct from small independent fishermen to your door.
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I’m Jeff Tedmori, Founder and CEO of E-Fish, and this is my story of how I came to love fish and seafood.
Growing up, I hated eating seafood. The issue was that I loved fishing more than anything. It wasn’t until my parents sat me down and explained that if I were to continue fishing, I had to eat the fish. Reluctantly, I gave it a try, and to my surprise, I fell in love. You see, I never hated fish, I just never tried fish that was fresh. Now, my favorite days are the ones where my best friends show up to my front door with a ziplock bag full of fresh fillets that they just caught.
I believe that everyone should have access to seafood as fresh as if you knew a fisherman or caught it yourself (or at least pretty darn close!). That’s why I’ve partnered up with my co-founder Matthew Henderson (AKA deadfishguy), who has 20+ years of experience shipping seafood to the best chefs in the world, literally every 3-michelin chef in the USA, to create E-Fish.
We’re proud to say that the products we sell on our site have been enjoyed by world-renowned chefs like Jean-Georges, Jose Andres, David Pasternak, and Masa Takayama.
We’re in business to help fishermen get their products directly to our at-home cooks, but also to help at-home cooks feel more confident working with seafood at home, especially the products they’ve never worked with before. That’s why you can text us, email us, or DM us to get your questions answered from expert fishmongers. We’re here to support you with new products and help fishermen to find a home for the seafood they’ve taken impeccable care for. We’re excited to welcome you to the E-Fish family.





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