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Digiphy is a SaaS marketing platform that activates physical products and marketing assets transforming them into an always-on digital marketing channel. By combining connected technology, like QR and NFC, together with self-serve web page building, Digiphy turns the once flat and static package into a portal to endless product information – dynamic content, engaging media, product traceability, and an instant channel for brands to communicate directly with consumers. With built-in analytics, brands can better understand their audience and capture omnichannel consumer insights.
About Us
Consumers are more conscious now than ever before. They expect more transparency from brands and want to know that the products they buy are produced with their health – and the health of the environment – in mind. They seek honesty, support sustainability, and appreciate authentic stories to inform their purchasing decisions at moments when it matters most.
Sustainability is no longer the exception; it is the rule. Consumers will look to brands that seamlessly provide transparency and verify that their products are ethically sourced and responsibly produced. We started Digiphy after seeing first-hand the challenges brands face in not only communicating the origin stories of their products, but also in how they engage with consumers to forge direct connections based on mutually aligned values. We set out to streamline the steps needed to solve those challenges and create digital experiences driven by insightful storytelling that consumers will appreciate and enjoy – all from a single platform.
At Digiphy, we are entrepreneurs, storytellers, creatives, and digital marketers. We have worked in big tech, at large media conglomerates, and at startups. But we are also consumers. We share those same expectations and care deeply about people and the planet. And that’s why, together with our brand partners, we are working towards a world where brands go beyond the label to provide consumers with the contextual information they need to validate their purchases and develop authentic, meaningful relationships that are built on trust and transparency.
Digiphy’s QR Code & Storyline Builder
Bring your products to life. Effortlessly create digital experiences that bridge the physical to digital.
All-In-One No Code Marketing & Commerce Platform
Quickly and easily build and manage QR codes. Connect each QR to a unique Storyline webpage with 3rd party integrations to drive sales, orders, email capture, registrations, and beyond. With built-in reporting and analytics, easily measure and maximize every customer engagement.

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DigiFresh / Digiphy
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