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Aquaculture Workflow and ERP Integrations
Our workflow management tools streamline employee processes involving site management and maintenance, manual feeding, harvesting, grading, and financial transactions. We also integrate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software so managers can perform cost analyses while making system changes in real-time, and also centralize operations related to inventory restocking, distribution, and sales. Our open-source Aquaculture management system modifications provide best-in-class services and solutions. Aquaculture Data Analysis
Leveraging best-in-class sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, our systems can improve behavioral analyses of aquaculture populations at the individual, batch, breed, site, and operation-wide level. Our Aquafarm management software solutions facilitate quicker surveys of conditions’ effects on output rates to improve holding conditions, feed amounts and schedules, extraction processes, and more. We interface fish farming apps with embedded ID tag software to drill down on fish population data by age, gender, batch, and other user-defined attributes. Aquaculture Sensor Technology
We program software embedded in sensors for tracking and automatically adjusting water and facility temperature, pH levels, salinity, Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP), conductivity, turbidity, external atmospheric pressure, and UV radiation. Our custom software solutions automate notifications when sensors detect irregular data and trigger levels. Aquaculture Software Solutions
We develop Aquaculture/Aquafarm Software for saltwater and freshwater. We customize systems for land-based aquaculture and nearshore aquafarms, open ocean fisheries (mariculture), rain-fed ponds, raceways and algae culture. Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), and Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) environments. Aquaculture Apps Development
Our Aquaculture Management Apps and software technology can lower aquafarming production costs and make aqua-eco systems more efficient and profitable. Developing custom software tools to analyze facilities, calculate the cost of goods sold, manage feed inventory, track fish population, and analyze and track inventory. Fish Farm Management System
Our custom software development solutions uses Fish Farm Management System to track aquatic lifecycles from hatcheries, nurseries, grow-out, harvesting and transport. Modify hatchery management apps to include tools for broodstock database analysis, larvae weaning, feed management, grading, and sorting. Aquaculture Monitoring Systems
Monitor fish hatchery populations and behavioral tracking using custom Aquafarm Management Software. Maintain egg-to-sale traceability charts, cost analysis tools, compliance reporting, vendor scorecards and EDI communications in person or remotely via mobile apps. Aquaculture Management System
We design centralized desktop and mobile applications for managing mission-critical operations related to aquafarming and aquaponics facilities. Supervise maintenance requests, equipment inventory management, using rule-based trigger SMS alerts and more.

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