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CAT Squared is a leading provider of manufacturing execution software to the food and beverage industry. Our software is designed to offer processors complete data collection from the plant floor with its suite of tool series for primary and further processing, beef processing, food safety, and egg management. CAT² software goes beyond traditional systems by cutting costs and improving efficiency.
CAT Squared has been providing manufacturing solutions to meat processing companies for more than 25 years.
Our Solutions.
CAT Squared uses a two-pronged approach to address the challenges.
(1) The foundation of our solution is our fully integrated MES (Manufacturing Execution System) built on LEAN manufacturing principles and utilizes technologies such as AI and machine learning to support process optimization.
(2) But the real value in our solution is our experience aligning technology with plant-floor processes to deliver actionable data to drive continuous improvement.
Interoperable Manufacturing Solutions
Manufacturers face misalignment due to a patchwork of systems creating islands of disconnected data. While all of our customers have solutions providing core functionality including production management, warehousing, planning, traceability, yield & efficiency reporting, maintenance management, and quality; these are typically standalone systems, which are not tightly integrated.
Our MES solutions are designed to integrate into ERPs and blockchain platforms, delivering real-time, actionable data to drive continuous improvement for food manufacturers.
Addressing Alignment Gaps
The industry has faced labor challenges for many years, but the severity of the problem has been exacerbated by the COVID pandemic, accelerating the shift to a more automated factory. Unfortunately, many companies fail to understand the alignment gaps that exist between the four domains of processes, structure, people, and IT. Bridging these gaps is an integral part of the migration toward the smart factory of the future.
Our factory automation services ensure that our customers receive more than just a state-of-the-art MES solution. Our project scoping, process mapping, KPI development, and training lay a foundation for our customers to drive a culture of continuous improvement across their factory and across their enterprise.
Why CAT Squared?
More than a software company, CAT Squared is a continuous improvement company.
CAT Squared was founded in 1995 as a small consultancy building custom software solutions for food manufacturers. Over the decades, our solutions grew and became an interconnected MES (Manufacturing Execution System) capable of controlling all processes on the plant floor. Additionally, our team developed a deep understanding of food production processes, especially in the meat and poultry industries. Our team now applies our decades of manufacturing wisdom by teaching our customers how to maximize the value of our systems and drive continuous improvement across their enterprises.





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