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Cashmere Systems

The food industry is continuing to transform — new companies, new laws, and new demand have made it hard for both small and large companies to stay nimble. The organic space alone is now an industry over 43 billion in the US alone, yet software systems have been stagnant, expensive, and difficult to use. At Cashmere Systems, we focus on usability. We iterate quickly and are responding to the demands of the industry. By improving systems and stream-lining business processes we can help reduce food waste, and increase transparency in the food industry. With state-of-the-art intelligent sales forecasting, combined with food recipes, our system can help your company with purchasing, taking the guess work out and saving you $1000s of dollars. By adding easy-to-use software to your processes instead of spreadsheets, our system reduces costly errors, and saves your staff tons of time. We promise to add value from the first meeting on, becoming your ‘Trusted Advisors’​ for your business technology needs. By using our software and systems, you can eliminate purchasing errors, automate sales order entry, improve efficiency, analyze costs, track history, and finally integrate your systems (saying goodby to spreadsheets)! Our cloud-based software has been built from the ground up – with ease of use, and integrations in mind. We combine software and services tailoring our product to your needs, including EDI integration, label printing, scanning integrations and more — all to provide the most amount of value. Employees will be happier, need less training, and your business will run smoother. We can customize solutions to fit your needs, and provide expertise when you need it most. The real power of the cloud is in integration; our system makes integration with your current system, and partners much simpler – from EDI to QuickBooks, Amazon, or custom solutions — we have you covered.

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Cashmere Systems
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