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BlueTrace offers the easiest and most powerful traceability solution for shellfish growers, wholesalers, distributors, and dealers. Enabling organizations big and small to optimize their activities, comply with regulations, and keep up with their inventory.
Tag Printing & Harvest Logs
Take tagging and compliance off your to-do list.
A well-run farm requires good records, but most shellfish operations are drowning in redundant paperwork. Handwritten tags, harvest logs, HACCP logs, Vibrio reports, landing reports, and the like all contain much of the same information. And if you miss something, you face fines or even the loss of a license.
Now, harvest and dealer tags can be printed directly from an iPhone to a durable mobile printer on waterproof paper — all for less than the cost of buying pre-printed tags. All harvest information is recorded electronically, making harvest reports, Vibrio logs, and financial reporting a breeze.
An embedded QR code means all the information on your tag can be passed seamlessly to dealers and buyers, thus saving time and reducing error rates. Simply click a button and you can send a PDF of your log, download a spreadsheet with all your harvesters, or inform a buyer of the details of an incoming shipment.
Track and Trace
Save Time & Comply with Regulations
Eliminate those handwritten receiving and shipping logs
No more clumsy tagging systems
No more rooting through paper records during an FDA inspection
Supports Federal and state regulations, including lot-to-lot traceability and Vibrio compliance
Future proof: With new FDA rules coming, you will be able to comply with new rules. If your state changes regulations, we will change the configuration to match.
Stay Compliant
Start with Easy to Read Shellfish Tags
Waterproof and fully compliant with federal, state and provincial regulations.





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