Archipelago Marine Research

Archipelago is a provider of marine resource management products and services with more than 40 years of experience. We work with a diverse array of clients, including the fishing industry, NGOs, and regulators to help develop cost-effective solutions for marine resource sustainability.

Established in 1978 and headquartered in Victoria BC, our team of experts work with clients around the world to develop and implement sustainable practices by providing an objective, third-party approach that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

Archipelago has regional offices in Canada, the United States, Asia Pacific, and Europe, and we specialize in at–sea and dockside observer services, electronic monitoring, and marine environmental services.

Our Mission

We work collaboratively around the world to better understand and sustainably manage our shared marine resources.

Our Values That Set Us Apart

  • Integrity. We act with principle and honesty, upholding trust and truth in all of our relationships.
  • Innovation. Through creative vision and teamwork, we respond to client and employee needs with sustainable, innovative solutions to complex issues.
  • Accountability. We take ownership and responsibility for our decisions and our actions.
  • Respect. In all that we do, we value the diversity of people, issues, and points of view.
  • Community. We embrace mutually supportive relationships, which strengthen our social and environmental communities.


Our thoughts on the ocean and the environment.

Over the past three decades, Archipelago has addressed all sorts of marine environmental and fisheries management challenges, working with a wide range of fishery types, target species, gear types, geographic locations, technological complexities, and organizations.
Through an ongoing commitment to our shared ocean resources—and to the businesses, communities, and individuals that rely upon them—Archipelago is helping to drive positive change on a global scale.





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