Aquanetix is the first cloud based application for the management of aquaculture businesses. You don’t have to download and install anything. Simply create your account at and start following your farm performance in real time.

Forget about complicated spread sheets to manage and store your data. With Aquanetix you just have to connect to your account and input your data quickly and easy. We give shape to your data and create the reports you need to manage your farm better and take the right decisions timely.

Save time and money by optimising your feedings and your operations. Through intelligent data analysis and correlation of information collected in the farm we facilitate production cost reduction and profit maximization. We propose a transformation from conventional management to dynamic task monitoring and reporting for all types and sizes of aquaculture farms.

Founded in 2012 by aquaculture specialists, Diogo Thomaz and Stella Adamidou and is based in U.K.

What is Aquanetix, and how does it work?

AQUANETIX is a complete solution for optimising the management of Aquaculture farms. It is a Cloud based fish and shrimp farm software which brings useful analytics to the aquaculture industry and helps to improve farm productivity and profitability.

Aquanetix Mobile App

Mobile devices are becoming the main data collection tools for all types of businesses. Thinking ahead, in 2013 we created Aquanetix as a mobile app for the aquaculture industry. Our main challenge was to make it so simple that any user would learn to use it within a matter of minutes. The Aquanetix mobile application is being used successfully by all types of aquaculture users in many countries around the world. Our customers love it for its simple, intuitive and unique interface and most importantly, for freeing farm managers from manual data recording.

Aquanetix Web Dashboard

The Aquanetix web dashboard is the tool we have created for fish and shrimp farm managers. Data is transformed into information that helps managers understand the performance of their stocks and make timely decisions for each production unit. On the web dashboard, Users can record data, have access to key business performance reports, as well as customise our aquaculture software to their specific needs.

Aquanetix Analytics

Aquanetix offers advanced reporting through a powerful Business Intelligence Platform. Here the information from Aquanetix proprietary algorithms can be reported in powerful views that provide managers and analysts with insights and new knowledge about the business.

Interactive reports, graphs and tables visualise your data in a useful way and point out the numbers that need more attention from the managers. You can use functionalities like filters, drilling, conditional formatting, time intervals and more.








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