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European Anchovy

European Anchovy

The European ancovy is a migratory, ocean-dwelling fish that can be found in the Mediterraneanand as far north as Norway and as far south as Africa. These fish form in schools and are a pelagic species.

The body of the European anchovy is round and nearly cylindrical with a pointed nose and forked tail. This species has a silver stripe along the flank that disappears with age. Given it small size, up to 21 cm (8 inches) it is typically canned.

European Anchovy

Anchovies are mainly a coastal marine species forming large schools and entering lagoons, estuaries and lakes during spawning. They migrate north and live in surface waters in the summer, retreating and descending in winter. They typically feed on plankton and spawn from April to November, peaking in the warmest months. 

Food Info European Anchovy


  • Colour: whitish 
  • Texture: delicate small flakes
  • Flavour: an oily, rich flavour
Species Range
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These crabs mate at the time of maturity, which is approximately 3 years of age. Females are smaller than males; this is because the development of reproductive tissues required more energy for females, leaving less energy available for continued body growth. They grow through a process known as molting—regularly shedding their shell and growing a new, larger one. They continue to molt and grow after they have reached sexual maturity. During the breeding season, the crabs leave their borrows in a phenomenon characterized by mass mate-searching events. Once mating/fertilization has occurred, females spawns in the water. The larvae released during the rainy season develop in offshore waters and return to coastal waters five to eight weeks after larval release.
Mangrove crabs are important fishery resources in all Brazilian coast, mainly in the north and northeast where many fishermen depend upon their catch. In addition to its social and economic importance, the mangrove crab is a “keystone” species in ecosystem, they playing an important role in the processes of nutrient cycling and energy transfer.

Fishing Methods

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Purse Seine

Fish harvesters encircle a large wall of netting around schools of fish and pull the bottom of the netting closed, like a drawstring purse, to capture the fish.


Featured Harvester Bernie Berry

Mangrove Crab Harvester

Canavieiras, Brazil

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